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Product Overview

It's no secret that single-cylinder motorcycles vibrate, despite the best balancers. What does this mean for the image stabilizer in your smart phone's camera when it's mounted on your handlebars? It's not gonna last long.

The Buzz-Kill from Hondo Garage sits between the phone mount (Perfect Squeeze or Juiced Squeeze) and the RAM mount plate, Low Profile Bar Clamp, or directly on the dash plate.

The wire-rope isolator is constructed of stainless steel wire which converts the kinetic energy from vibration into heat which is dissipated harmlessly (not enough to feel!). The unit is made from aluminum and stainless steel for durability with no rubber components to degrade over time.

Note: If you have the older Perfect Squeeze phone mount with the dovetail machined into the base, the Buzz-Kill will NOT work with it and you will have to upgrade to the current version of the Perfect Squeeze. Also, due to the weight of tablets, the Buzz-Kill will NOT work with the Big Squeeze tablet mount.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review