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Juiced Squeeze

Hondo Garage

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Product Overview

Looking for the best phone mount with integrated wireless charging you can get? Look no further!

The Juiced Squeeze was designed for off-road motorcycle riders and racers who use their phones as GPS units or just want them mounted in an easy to reach, but super secure manner, but also want the convenience of wireless charging.* Oh, and any other kind of rider that wants the same things!

Making a pit stop for gas, food, whatever, and need to grab your phone and go? No problem - the release button disengages the clamping threads allowing you to remove your phone quickly and be on your way.

A ball detent in the adjustment wheel means that even severe vibrations won't cause the clamp to loosen.

The Juiced Squeeze is constructed of precision-machined aluminum and stainless steel to provide years of trouble-free service.

The jaws open to approximately 80mm (3.15") providing plenty of room for most phones even in cases.

The wireless charger component was developed in collaboration with Moto Power Puck. The MPP circuit board is embedded in a waterproof, vibration-proof housing designed for extremely harsh environments (like motorcycle handlebars and race truck dashboards).

New V2 Fast-Charge Puck

10W Fast Charging: No matter how many apps you run or how bright your display is set, it's going to be a challenge to run your battery to empty.
Waterproof Quick Disconnect: Lots of people own multiple bikes and would love to use their wireless charger on all of their rides. With the quick disconnect, you can quickly move your entire mount and charger from bike to bike or bring it in at the end of the day.
In-line Fuse: Wiring included an inline 3A fuse, just in case the worst would happen. Really…can you have too many fuses?
Heavier Gauge Wire: We used a beefier 20 gauge cable with a single red and black within the casing to aide in the simplicity of wiring the MotoFastPuck.

Technical Specifications

Input: 12v/3A (bare wire for connection to battery or auxiliary power supply)
Output from charger: 10W (wireless)
Wireless Standard: WPC-Qi V1.2.2
Dimensions: ~8.5mm thick X ~62mm diameter

Note: the MotoFastPuck will not operate off of USB.

*Phone must support Qi wireless charging standard.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review